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  1. Can students request rooms at VEC?

  2. Change a Final Grade

  3. Dropping a grid to change student level

  4. How and when do P&S students register for electives?

  5. How do I cancel my request?

  6. How do I reserve adjoining rooms for 60 people?

  7. How do I reserve space in the Simulation Center?

  8. How do I reserve space in the VEC?

  9. How do I update my room request?

  10. Is there an Attendance/Absence Policy for P&S students?

  11. OASIS: Accessing your course roster

  12. OASIS: Course Evaluation Data Analysis Reports

  13. OASIS: Course Evaluation Reporting (from Home Screen)

  14. OASIS: Creating a Link to OASIS on your course's Courseworks page

  15. OASIS: Evaluation dashboard (search and edit)

  16. OASIS: Evaluator Guide

  17. OASIS: Generate a Student Report (Face Sheet)

  18. OASIS: Generating a picture roster/face sheet for an event

  19. OASIS: Logging on to OASIS

  20. OASIS: OASIS Home Page

  21. OASIS: Preview your Requirement Checklist

  22. OASIS: Requesting an OASIS Account or Increased Account Privileges

  23. OASIS: Requirement Checklist

  24. OASIS: Syncing your calendar to an external application

  25. OASIS: Toggle between Academic Years in OASIS

  26. OASIS: View/Download a grade report

  27. OASIS: Viewing your Calendar

  28. Return/Revise a submitted Summary Student Performance Evaluation

  29. What are the building hours? How do we access the building?

  30. What is the food policy for the VEC?

  31. What is the room cancellation policy?

  32. When can I reserve space in the VEC?

  33. When can I submit my event request at VEC?

  34. When can visiting students apply to P&S?

  35. When will the spring semester be open for reservations?

  36. Which international schools have an affiliation with P&S?

  37. Who do I contact to get AV support?

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