OASIS: Accessing your course roster

If you are a Course Administrator or Course Director, you can easily access your course rosters from the OASIS home screen. As soon as you log in, OASIS will display a list of the courses for which you are a director/administrator, sorted by department.

By default, clicking on the name of one of your courses will take you to that course's roster (you can use the drop-down menu next to Link goes to: if you'd like the course name link to take you to another destination).

The course roster page displays an alphabetical list of students in that course. The roster list also contains other information -- if a student has been assessed a final course grade, that will appear in the Grade column. Depending on your level of OASIS access, the grade may not appear on the course roster page.

If your course has multiple start dates throughout the year (such as a month-long elective course), you can click the drop-down menu next to Starting: and select the start date you'd like to view. After you've done so, click the Refresh List button, and OASIS will display the list of students currently enrolled in your course for the selected month. Also, clicking Download the roster on this page will generate a .csv file of the currently-displayed course roster, which you can save or open in Microsoft Excel.

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