OASIS: Creating a Link to OASIS on your course's Courseworks page

It is important to note that OASIS is NOT a Learning Management System. Therefore, Courseworks will continue to be used for many curriculum and content related course functions. The following tasks will continue to remain in Courseworks:
  • Storing course resources, such as lecture slides (in Files & Resources)
  • Creating and distributing assignments (with the Courseworks Assignments tool)
  • Holding sign-ups (with the Sign-Ups tool)
  • Housing the course syllabus (in Syllabus)
As students will continue to use Courseworks regularly to access these features, you may want to create a link to OASIS on the Courseworks toolbar, for ease of access. To do so, navigate to your course's page in Courseworks, and click on Site Settings in the left hand toolbar.

Then, click the Edit Tools button at the top of the page.

Click the check box next to the Web Content tool, and click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

On the next screen, type "OASIS" in the Title field, and enter https://oasis.cumc.columbia.edu/ in the Source field. Once you do that, click Continue. You'll be taken back to your course's main screen, and a link to OASIS will now appear in the left hand toolbar. This link will allow students to easily access OASIS when using Courseworks.

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