OASIS: Course Evaluation Data Analysis Reports

All courses within OASIS will have a Course Evaluation set up so that you can review feedback provided by students who have taken your course. 

PLEASE NOTE: Oasis retains students' responses anonymously.  Evaluation data is not release until final grades have been assigned.  For more information please see: Procedures for Reviewing Student Evaluations of their Learning Experiences

Data Analysis Report: 

Evaluations>Data Analysis Report> Course Evaluation

Here you may review course evaluation details.  This interface requires some exploration in order to discover your preferences.  

Complete steps 1-6 based on your preferences. 

CLICK 'Submit' to view results. 

CLICK 'Modify View'  to select groupings/view data as selected

CLICK 'download' on the right hand side to view options for exporting the data.  The files will be emailed to you (the person producing the report), or you may edit the recipient field.  Multiple emails should be separated by a semicolon.  

The most common exported report is the 'PDF of this report' 

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