Upon logging into OASIS, you will be brought to the My OASIS home screen. The OASIS home screen features the My Courses panel, which includes all of the course that you've been assigned to as an administrator. These courses are broken down by department.

In OASIS, the role of "Course Administrator" is assigned to both Course Directors and Course Coordinators. If you are the Director or the Coordinator for a course but do NOT see that course in your My Courses panel, please email Kris Kolish (kpk2116@columbia.edu) so that you can be assigned administrative access to that course.

By clicking the drop-down menu next to Link goes to, you can modify the destination of the Course Name link. The default is Course Roster, which means if you click on the Course Name link, you'll be brought to that course's roster. If you select Gradebook from the drop-down menu, then clicking on a Course Name link will bring you to that course's gradebook instead.

The other important feature of the OASIS home screen is the My Evaluations panel. If you have pending evaluations that need to be completed, the number of outstanding evaluations will appear in this panel.

From this panel, you will also be able to generate evaluation reports for the courses you are assigned to as an administrator, by clicking My Course Evaluation Reports.

For instructions on how to use the My Course Evaluation Reports function, please see the article on Course Evaluation Reporting.

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