OASIS: Syncing your calendar to an external application

OASIS will generate web calendar addresses that you can subscribe to using the external calendaring application of your choice. Please note that OASIS pushes out calendar updates about every 12 hours. This means that, if an administrator makes modifications to an event less than 12 hours before that event's start time, these changes might not be reflected on the calendars of those participants accessing their OASIS calendars externally. Because of this, administrators should be mindful to communicate any important event changes using some other means than just the OASIS calendar.

To reach the Calendar Export page, click on the Export button on the left-hand side of the Calendar page.

Subscribing to your individualized calendar

OASIS features two types of calendar exports. The first is the My Individualized Course Event Calendar page, which will export only those events to which you've been assigned (either as an instructor or as a student). Once you've clicked on Export from the calendar page, you will be brought to the Calendar Export page. The Individualized Course Calendar is the first type of calendar export in the list. You can choose the calendaring application you'd like to use, configure the event reminder settings, and set the number of weeks into the future you'd like OASIS to export. You can also configure reminders to have your calendaring application notify you of the start of a new course.

Once you click Save at the bottom of the page, OASIS will display a unique URL. You can then use this URL to subscribe to your OASIS calendar using the application of your choice. The method of subscribing to a web calendar varies from application to application, so please refer to your calendaring application's Help page for assistance with this.

Subscribing to a course module or group of course modules

OASIS will also allow you to subscribe to one or more modules, so that you can subscribe to all of the events in a given course or set of courses (and not just the ones to which you've been assigned as a participant).

Beneath the My Individualized Course Event Calendar menu is the All Course/All Event Calendar menu. From this menu, you can click the checkboxes next to the modules to which you'd like to subscribe. After clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page, OASIS will generate a unique URL that you can use with your external calendaring application. Again, please refer to your calendaring application's Help page for assistance with this.

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