Manage Evaluators (Assign, Change, or add evaluation matches)

As course administrator for a course, you may have the responsibility of overseeing the completion of student performance evaluations.    

Generally the course director is assigned as the default evaluator for all students. 

To view/change or add evaluators, navigate to the course>evaluation>manage evaluator menu. 

 Add a default evaluator for the course: 
1. select All loctions, All start dates and click "show" 
2. click 'Open Add Evaluator" to expand the menu

3. Select All Start Dates
4. Search for the faculty member in the system 
5. Select and click "move down" 
6. select the right facing arrow 
7. Click Add 

The new default evaluator will show in YELLOW below.  You may delete any previously matched default evaluators.  

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