OASIS: Generate a Student Report (Face Sheet)

OASIS can generate a "face sheet" that includes pictures of all of the students enrolled in a given time period(s) or location(s). If you are a Course Administrator or a Course Director, you can generate a picture roster for any rotation within your course. 

To do this, navigate to Course> Student Report. 

Clicking that link will open the Student Report menu. By default, the drop down menu next to Quick report is set to NO so that you may customize your report. If you select yes, OASIS will generate a PDF that contains small thumbnails of the students' pictures, along with the students' name ONLY.

A Custom Report will allow you to select what student information you'd like to appear on the face sheet, such as email address, mobile number, graduation year, preferred first name, and more (AD, EPA coach). Depending on your level of access, some of these student information categories will not be available for you to select. Please also note that the Custom Report contains full-sized pictures and not thumbnails. So, if you'd like a report that features larger student photos than those included in the Quick Report.

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